The Body

Any Material Being in this world is a combination of all or any of the Five Elements ie., Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Ether which are seperated energies of One Supreme Energy with distinguished functional ability .

The Beings, Micro to Macro Organisms have so developed over a period of Time, that they can come into Existence, Grow, Reproduce or Multiply only when The Soul is Within, introduced / entered into it. Till The Soul exists In the said Being it is Alive and Without The Soul it Is Dead.

The Body has nothing to do with what ever The Soul Attached to The MInd dose in The Body or however it uses it within the functional abilities. The Body neither Has Conciousness nor is aware of its existence. Therefore it shall be clearly understood that The Soul Attached to The MInd operates The Body and not Viceversa. What ever action / inaction, pleasure / pain experienced by The Body is Known to The Mind only and not by The Body, though the source is The Body.

Whenever The Body becomes Incapable to exist in this Material World due to various reasons like Disease, Accident, Old Age etc., The Soul Attached to The MInd departs from The Body or is Forced to Discard The Body basing on the Principles of Nature.

Hence The Body / Being is only a a feasible Form & Means acquired by The Soul Attached to The MInd to exist in this Material world, according to its “Vaasanas” ie., previous State of Mind, Desire & Actions, It can Also Detach itself from this Material entanglement by Understanding its Own Self when in a Human Body Only.