R U Converted Then Read this & Introspect.

A Person Who has Not Truly Understood or Practised His Faith/Religion He Was Born into, Can Never Understand Any Other Religion.

He/ She is Only Finding Excuses in the Name of Conversion to Get Rid of Problems, Which will Never Happen…You are Only Fooling Your self And Being Fooled by The One Who Convert People For His/Her Financial Gains or Vested Interests.

1. If those “Born” in a Particular Religion are Still Poor, Sick, Handicapped, Blind, Jobless, Etc. How is It Possible for Someone Who Converted can Become Well or Rich….Think.

2. Did You Findout What is The Past Record of The One Who Converted you. Because Even when you Buy Vegetables, You verify their Freshess Every time.

3. Did you Ever Read “BHAGVAD GEETA” Before you converted, Then how will you know The Greatness or Truth of Your Dharma.

4. Okay After Conversion, Did you ever Enquire and Find out How Many People are Really Benefited Actually ( Not Fake People the Pastor / Mullah Appointed).?

5. If you are Not Benefited After Converting, whom will you Blame and What will you do, again Convert or ReConvert?

6. Is God Many or One, Why do we Require God, dose God Only Help Those who Believe Him, Then He/She cannot be God….Think

7. Do you have Commonsense, do you use it, then what is your Understanding, is The Problem With you or God/Religion/Society….no Its none… its you Who is the cause of Your Problems.

8. There is No Good God or Bad God, they are your thoughts, Problem is, you dont find Mistakes in you and Rectify it. You want to put it on someone (God).

9.Knowing, Understanding, Accepting, applying & Practicing will Only Complete the Process of Faith.

No Representative of God or True Religion Will Tell to Hate or Kill The Non Belivers Of That Religion/God….Then It Can Be Called Demon or Demonic Theory. Follow the Links and Read it for your self.

Bible : http://jdstone.org/cr/files/luke19_11-27_whyworryitsonlyaparable_1.html

Koran / Quran:



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